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Slack Vancouver office furniture design concept

Introduction: Shenzhen office furniture today share Vancouver headquarters design appreciation

Design: Leckie Studio

Address: Vancouver, Canada

Area: 22,00 square feet

Time: 2016

Photograph: Ema Peter

Design tenet: a moss wall was designed at the core of the headquarters building, and the brilliance of the roof skylight gave the vibrant fresh green a strong visual contrast with the ancient buildings. There are Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen software design of the lamp, as floating clouds or mushrooms and moss side by side wall.

Slack Vancouver office furniture design concept

Design highlights:

Slack, the premier enterprise communications management software, has located its Canadian headquarters in the fashionable, beautiful Yale town. The once industrial town has now been made a classic Vancouver city. The use of modern fashion design and remodeling the brick factory building elements.

Slack Vancouver office furniture design concept

Design concept:

Each floor has a large bay glass window facing the Bay, providing ample natural daylight for the industrial building. The frame of the whole building is black, can soften the dazzling sunlight is too strong, and create elegant color. The main conference room is located on the two floor of the landscape window, the use of transparent glass partitions, so that the whole office can see a beautiful streetscape. In the office area, coffee area, reception area and atrium space, there are top skylights leading in light.

Slack Vancouver office furniture design concept

Design details:

The whole office space uses modular design and open public space. The mobile conference room can be moved anywhere in the room; there are retro and semi private telephone rooms designed here. The broad stairs atrium connecting the upper and lower two floors, and is also a good place for leisure to sit here, overlooking the Hamilton street.

Slack Vancouver office furniture design concept

Conclusion: if the lighting effect in the office is better than the effect in our own home, then our staff will devote all their enthusiasm to the work, because the company has the feeling of home! This is the office designed by the Leckie Studio design team for the Vancouver department. To learn more about Shenzhen office furniture design concept, please pay attention to Shenzhen office furniture, invite you to come to O2O office furniture experience Museum, we will create first-class office space for you!